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Core Values


Core Values




Community Driven 

We care about our clients as if they were member's of our own family. We use high quality, non-toxic products that are safe for every member of the family, including fur babies. Our employees are truly committed to making sure your weekends and evenings are spent with family instead of doing chores around the house! 

We love serving members of our local community. From volunteer days to partnering with Cleaning For A Reason, we are driven to helping others and understand the impact small businesses have on the local community.

Our employee's are the backbone to our company and we work hard to keep them happy! From paying a fair and deserving wage to understanding the need for family time, we are dedicated to treating our staff like more than just an employee. 

100% Satisfaction


We value our employees as well as our client relationships and understand that there are many cleaning service options for you and your family.While we are not the most expensive service, we are not the cheapest professional service either and we take pride in that. We believe in paying our employees a wage they deserve because after all, professional cleaning is not easy. We also believe in providing our client's with insurance and bonding so they can feel confident about their cleaning service and we do include taxes in our pricing as it is required in Texas. We use high quality products that not only work but that are also safe for your family.


If you aren't happy, we will return within 24 hours to address the specific concern